Efficiently manage your Intensive Care Unit

Diane Icu allows healthcare professionals to share, access, and analyse information seamlessly and securely, thus facilitating
better coordination of care.

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Discover in Detail How Diane Icu can:

☑️ Enhance the responsiveness of your care teams with a comprehensive visualisation and easy access to patient records

☑️Increase monitoring efficiency by automatically integrating laboratory results and real-time medical data

☑️ Strengthen the safety and quality of critical care with an ergonomic prescription engine tailored to the needs of intensive care units

☑️ Facilitate reliable and compliant documentation for continuous and secure care tracking

☑️ Personalise care plans based on the specific protocols of your department

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The Diane Icu prescription engine is a medical device by BOW MEDICAL,
certified under directive 93/42/EEC, and bears the CE marking as per this
regulation. It is designed to assist medical prescription and care planning.
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